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A Truly World class magnificent Elite bespoke hand made Burr Walnut dining table/dining set.

This truly stunning Designer table has just been exclusively professionally bespoke hand finished with the very finest modern table top French polish.
To give it that classic opulent stylish look that only French polishing can truly achieve.

This wonderful table is made from beautiful eye catching Burr Walnut.

This wonderful table has 4 table tops leaves, and the size can be altered accordingly.
Resting of two stunning very substantial pedestal bases.
These tables are the very finest money can buy.
Using only the very finest materials and traditional construction methods going back hundreds of years!

This tables dimensions are as follows.


Max: 10.4 ft, 124 inches, 314 cm

Min: 6.4 ft 76 inches, 193 cm

Each leaf is 24 inches wide.

Width: 52 inches, 132 cm

Height: 31 inches, 78 cm

This table can seat 10 or 12 people as you can see in the photos.

Please do inquire for prices with or without dining chairs.

We can also fit any fabric or leather hides of the clients choice upon request on any dining chairs.
So please do ask if you would like a specific fabric or leather fitted on any chairs we have in stock for you.

Whatever this style tables function, it will make a profound impression on your dinner guests or clients and will receive the maximum amount of attention wherever it is placed.

This table is made from burr many different Burr’s of wood, the skin of the tree, which has a beautiful grain, and also the most expensive part of any tree, and this has been embellished with the superb inlaid decoration,

Burrs and flame mahogany refers to the swirling figure present in nearly all Walnut, Mahogany, Oak and Yew tree when cut and polished, and especially in the wood taken from the base of the tree where it joins the roots. However the true burr is a rare growth on the tree where hundreds of tiny branches have started to grow.

Marquetry is decorative artistry where pieces of material (such as wood, mother of pearl, pewter, brass silver or shell) of different colours are inserted into surface wood veneer to form intricate patterns such as scrolls or flowers.

Various sizes available to bespoke order. This one is 10.4ft or 314cm in length.

Simply oozing opulence, style, taste & class simply eye catching.

These eye catching beautiful items are available in many different designs and sizes, and can be polished and tweaked to every clients individual requirements.

We can design and make tables and to you own specialist size length, from any size to 20ft plus etc

Prices will vary accordingly to size and polishing requirements and sizes.

At Elite Designs Global Ltd.
We are world experts in hand crafted Designer furniture, Fine Antique furniture, Fine Art work, Interior design as well as professional French polishing, Hand painting, Restoration, Cabinet making, Upholstery services with a proven track record of innovative designs, effective problem solving and attention to detail.

Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every client.
We take on all types of jobs and projects from small domestic work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices.

With many years experience working to exceptionally high standards for clients from all over the world, ranging from the USA, China & all over Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia using all of our teams unique skills set, for clients from all parts of the world and including the likes of Pinewood film studios London, Harrods of London, Porsche group Europe, English Heritage, Emperor Group Asia, Lancôme Beauty, The French Government, EU Embassies, amongst many other world famous specialist companies, clients and VIP’s from all over the globe.
Our specialist filed of expertise is Grand dining table and dining chairs.
But we also offer all aspects of furniture from office furniture desks etc to Bedroom items such a chest of drawers, beds and living room items such as bespoke made sofas and coffee tables etc.

Our unique team of experts can also bespoke hand make any items to order including any tables from any size to 20ft plus
We can also try to source any particular items if we don’t have what is ideally desired in our current stock.

Please do contact us for details.
And to discuss your requirements.

The services we offer include….

1) Interior Design
2) Bespoke handmade furniture
3) Professional Restoration services
4) Professional French polishing services
5) Professional hand painting services
6) Professional Cabinet making
7) Professional Upholstery services
8) UK & International delivery please ask for a quote

If you do need any items restored or French polishing we also offer a service where our transport team can collect any items and have them dropped back to you all restored and fully finished any where in the UK.

Our attention to detail on finish is second to none.
We take very great pride in any project we undertake for any client.
We only use the very finest materials and our level of finish is to a unique high standard that we strive for.
The French polishes we use are the very best modern table top French polishes that also now give quite a hard durable and heat resistant finish.
French polish is still regarded as the very finest finish in the world.
There is nothing to match the look of a professionally freshly French polished item.
That deep lustrous shine and total look of opulence and class that has been the ultimate standard of excellence for many generations now.

Types of finish we offer:

1) All modern finishes as we as Clear or Colour Farrow and Ball Lacquer painted finishes.

We now offer highly specialist finishes in clear lacquers as well as colour lacquer painted finishes in any Farrow and Ball colours.

Just select a colour from there range and we can complete this for you to add a unique modern twist.

This style of finish is not just a weak common unprofessional painted finish. This is a professional modern environmentally safe AC two pack lacquer finish. This is the very strongest finish that can be applied to furniture safely which only true professionals can perform and carry out.

Please be aware of simply just “painted finishes” straight from a paint pot without the correct application methods. These will not have the durability required for furniture especially on table bases and dining chairs and will simply flake, damage & wear very easily. It must be a finish like this for a paint Farrow & Ball colour, as the table base & chairs will no doubt face heavy wear & use over time. Using only this method of finish on these areas and items will insure it keeps its stunning looks and colour for many years to come.

French Polish finishes.

Hand professional French polishing is still considered as the very finest finish that can be applied to furniture and in particular to table tops. Obviously it’s still so unique in the look and feel giving any item and table top that special deep lustrous shine & gleam that only Modern table top French Polishes can truly achieve, that are also now quite hard wearing and durable as well as being heat resistant to certain degree.

A French polished finish can also be refreshed over time and quite easily be repaired compared to Lacquer finishes.

We recommend Modern table top French polishes to be applied especially on table tops for both look and durability because of this.

Point of note:

Oil based finishes.

Please avoid these types of inferior finish.

Using only cheap oil finishes especially on items such as table tops is no where near sufficient to protect the wood and the table tops from the wear and tear from regular general usage. The items will just inevitably face significant imperfections and issues on the item over a relatively short period of time and use.

At ED Global, we often have clients contacting us to repair and restore such oil finished table tops as they are very vulnerable to a very wide range of causes of damage.

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements further!


We offer delivery Worldwide and in the UK

Please inquire for quotes to your desired International destination.

Delivery in England and Wales is around the £200 mark depending on the size & quantity of the item or items.

PAYMENT: We accept all major Debit & credit cards has payment, our preferred method of payment is by direct Bank transfer to save on Merchant fees.
We now accept digital currencies too.
Please inquire for details.

Reasonable offers are considered!